Welcome to the accreditation page.

Media access is possible only with accreditation per-event basis (for one event).

  • Per-event accreditation:
    • You may submit your application when the accreditation is open.
    • Once you have submitted your application, you will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail.
    • After applying, you will receive an email to inform you whether your application has been approved or rejected.
  • We strongly advise you to apply for accreditation within the deadline.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration form are mandatory.

Before applying, please prepare:

  • A scan of a valid ID; its expiry date must exceed the event you apply for by at least 14 days (*.jpg/*.jpeg, 3 MB maximum)
  • A scan of a recent photo (*.jpg/*.jpeg, 3 MB maximum)
  • A scanned letter of confirmation from your media organization / a scan of a Press ID (*.jpg/*.jpeg, 3 MB maximum)
    (e.g. of a Confirmation Letter)
Collecting the badges

To collect your accreditation badge, you will need to present the following documents:

  • accreditation approval
  • identity card or passport
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